What is EBEC?

The EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) is a competition for STEMs students brought to you by BEST Lisbon, taking place on the 26th to 29th of March with around 600€ in prizes!
The competition is divided into two categories: Case Study and Team Design.
The winning teams of the local competitions will progress to the national rounds and the national round's winner will go to the european and final round.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year's edition will take place online.

In the Case Study category the teams have to analyze a technical and/or logistical problem and implement measures to solve it. To do that, the participants have access to several research tools and realistic resources and they have to present a solution.

Sponsored by Mckinsey & Company.

Team Design consists in developing a project that requires designing, creating and presenting a prototype using a modelling and simulation software (Fusion 360). The desired outcome is a simulated device that has to meet certain criteria defined in advance.

Sponsored by Slefty.

Sponsored by


Team Design

Inês Ribeiro

Professor at IST

António Amorim

Professor at FCUL

Rita Santos

BEST Lisbon member

Paulo Silva

Representing Slefty

Case Study

João Telhada

Professor at FCUL

João Cruz

Professor at FCUL

Mário Gaspar Silva

Professor at IST

João Moita

BEST Lisbon alumnus

Henrique Rodrigues

Representing McKinsey & Company



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Frequently Asqued Questions

The EBEC is open to all students enrolled in a STEMs degree at the University of Lisbon (IST, FCUL and FFUL).
Teams must be composed of 4 STEMs students of the University of Lisbon, who should be present throughout the whole competition. If you do not have a team, you can be paired with other teamless applicants.
Team members can be from different courses and years.
The competition itself is a consecutive 24 hour working session, which will start on the 27th of March. There will also be workshops and presentations, you can check the full schedule here.
Participants are selected based on a team application which is rated according to specific criteria defined by the organization. These are present in the regulations document, which you can find here.
CVs should be in English and it is mandatory to provide one for each team member.
Participants must pay a caution deposit of 20€ (5€ per person) for insurance of the participation of the team in the event. Payment must be done up to 4 days after the team’s participation in the competition is confirmed. The caution will be returned at the end of the competition, unless your team is responsible for damages or is declared a no-show. You can check the regulations here.
The payment of the deposit should be sent to the “Grupo Local BEST Lisboa” account. The details required to process the payment will be available in the application forms here.
There are no specific brakes scheduled, so the team is totally responsible for it's own time management. However, you must not leave the competition before it's end or without the direct approval of the organization, which you must contact if any problem arises.
The projects will be evaluated according to the criteria on the script, which will be provided at the beginning of the competition.
The Jury is made up of company representatives, of BEST Lisbon’s members and/or University of Lisbon professors.
The document of the regulations is available here.
You can apply for the competition here, until the 19th of March 2021.
The schedule is available here.
You will proceed to the national round, in which you will compete with the winners of the other local rounds.
Yes, you can, however, you can only be selected for one of them.
You can see our contact here or our social media here.
As mentioned in the EBEC description, this year's edition will be fully online. This resulted in some changes in the event, specifically in the Team Design category, which will no longer involve a hands-on prototype building, but will instead be based on work done with the Fusion 360 modelling software.

Meet the Team!

João Martins

Main Organizer

Hugo Serrano

Corporate Relations Responsible

Afonso Bandeira

Information Technology Responsible

Daniela Almeida

Design Responsible

Nuno Lopes

Golden Cogwheel Responsible

Sara Sebastião

Public Relations Responsible

Joana Nunes

Video Editor Responsible

Beatriz Ferreira

Topic Team Member

Bernardo Nunes

Topic Team Member

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