BEST Inside View

BEST Inside View (BIV) is a job shadowing event brought to you by BEST Lisbon. This event is divided into the Opening Ceremony which will take place on January 13th and the Inside Days in March.
On the Inside Day you will have the opportunity to get to know the world of work better, following a professional in your area of interest during a typical working day.

Advantages of participating in BIV

Learn more about what your favorite company actually does.

Expands your network and helps you make professional contacts.

Get an insight into the working life and culture of companies.

Practice your interpersonal skills in a professional setting.

Gives you a different perspective on your potential future work by learning from others' experiences.

Discover your potential and the challenges you’ll face everyday.

... you will also be able to win one of these Prizes !!!

* The prizes consist of three vouchers to be drawn by participants at the Opening Ceremony (LaserQuest e PalmaYatchs) and after the Inside Days (DuckDive).

Meet our partners!

Main Partners

Participate in the Opening Ceremony and meet The Navigator Company, Quadrante, NTT Data, Filstone, and Integer Consulting in the roundtables session.


Previous editions


  • "The BEST Inside Day was a very enriching experience, which allowed me to have a greater and better idea of working in a company in my area. It was a day in an environment that is close to what I will live in the future, which only shows the importance of taking advantage of such an opportunity. I recommend it and I will definitely repeat it if I have the opportunity!"

    André Xavier, Architecture - 10th Edition Participant
  • "On my Inside Day, I discovered a whole new world resulting from the area of programming in the service of agriculture. This helped me to understand that the computer engineering course is much more than just being at a desk at work, and thanks to Consulai and BEST Lisbon I opened my horizons in what will be my future. "

    Bernardo Nunes, Computer Science and Engineering - 10th Edition Participant
  • "We are two 3rd year architecture students and we had the opportunity to visit JLL Tétris. Although the experiences during this day were different, we both agreed that they opened our horizons and that they were enriching. I, Inês, was the first to spend a day in this company, starting by visiting the company's headquarters building and ending up attending a work meeting, managing to discover a little more about the world of work and the various paths that can be taken after completing the course. As for me, Mónica, I had a visit a little more practical, where I visited several works that were taking place at the time and also discovered a possibility of future work."

    Inês Marques and Mónica Leonardo, Architecture - 10th Edition Participant
  • "I joined BEST 2 years ago and was soon familiarized with BEST Inside View! I was responsible for all the logistics of the Opening Ceremony and the Networking Session, which was truly enriching. The best part about this event is that it is genuinely dedicated to students and their needs as successful future professionals. It was fantastic to contribute and have some impact on the academic life of students."

    Catarina Carinhas, BEST Lisboa - Logistics Responsible 5th Edition
  • "Being Main Organizer of BEST Inside View 2020/2021 was an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to work with a fantastic team and grow with them as we worked as a team to be able to give the best experience possible to students and companies despite all the obstacles posed by the pandemic."

    Rita Santos, BEST Lisboa - Main Organizer 10th Edition

Frequently Asked Questions

BIV is open to all students enrolled at Instituto Superior Técnico.
The organization suggests participating in both parts of BEST Inside View. By participating in the Opening Ceremony (OC) you will have the opportunity to hear pitches from the companies and get to ask them all the questions you want so you can choose wisely where you want to spend your Inside Day. However, it is not mandatory and there will be a second application period solely for the Inside Days after the OC.
To access the Opening Ceremony, you will need identification and one of the following: (i) an EU Digital Covid Certificate; or (ii) a valid negative PCR test from within the last 72 hours; or (iii) a valid negative antigen test from within the last 48 hours.
The application period is divided into two phases. In the first phase, students participating in the Opening Ceremony (OC) will have the opportunity to fill in the registration form for the Inside Days 48 hours in advance of the other students and will also receive the result of the matching with the company in advance. The second phase to fill the remaining vacancies starts 48 hours after the first one and ends on the 24th of January.
The matching is always done respecting the preferences of students and companies in accordance with criteria defined by the organization that is present in the event regulations
You will receive an email from BEST Lisbon one week after de end of the Inside Days application period.
We will exchange contacts between you and the company’s responsible in order to arrange everything for your Inside Day. The communication will be mediated by us, specially our communications responsible (Marta Rodrigues).
It is mandatory to submit your CV to participate in BEST Inside View. The CV can be in Portuguese or English.
The Opening Ceremony for BIV is a free event but you'll have to make a 2€ deposit in order to guarantee your participation. The deposit will be returned at the end of the event according to the regulations.
The Inside Days for BIV is a free event but you'll have to make a 5€ deposit in order to guarantee your participation. The deposit will be returned at the end of the event according to the regulations.
The payment of the deposit must be sent to the “Grupo Local BEST Lisboa” account. Details needed to process the payment will be available on the application forms.
If you have any doubts or problems you can reach out to us by sending an email to

Read here the event regulations!

Meet our Team!

Daniela Lopes

Main Organiser
Biological Engineering

Marta Rodrigues

Communication Responsible
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Samara Farias

Public Relations Responsible
Mechanical Engineering

André Ribeiro

Corporate Relations Responsible
Applied Mathematics and Computation

Joana Nunes

Design Responsible

Beatriz Vale

Information Technology Responsible
Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics

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